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The story of a very special black and white portrait drawn from our customers photos.

At Captain Jacks Drawings we specialise in bringing people together in our portraits. It’s often difficult to get a good photo together so a portrait which is a combination of people drawn together from different photos can be a great alternative to get all the people you care about together in one place.

How it Started

Late last year, we at Captain Jacks Drawings were contacted with a very special request by our customer Erin Glover. She wanted us to create a drawing that would be very meaningful to her mum. The request was to draw a black and white portrait of two people, but the circumstances of the request were heart breaking. 

She sent us two photos on Captain Jacks Drawings Facebook: one of her step dad and another with her new baby. She wanted us to draw them together. Here’s how she explained the reason for the drawing…

The Story

24 hours after I had my baby and as I was being discharged from hospital my step dad was in a hospital bed below us taking his last breaths. We were making our way down so he could meet his grandson for the first time but we were just minutes too late. He never got to meet his poppy or get a photo taken with him

It was obvious to us that this request was a very special one that was close to Erin’s heart. It was tragic that they were so close to being able to introduce their baby to his granddad, but they so closely missed the opportunity. As always, we wanted to ensure that the drawing was everything that the customer hoped.

Here are the photos that we were sent to draw the portrait from:

Captain Jacks Drawing Grandfather and Grandchild

The request was pretty normal in terms of the artistic process we had to follow. It’s extremely common that we are asked to combine people from separate photos so we were confident we could do an excellent job. We were asked to draw the photo of the young baby in the place of the child in the blue jumper along with Erin’s step father. 

Both of the photos were of a good quality with all facial features clearly visible, so this didn’t pose any problems. We usually expect our drawings to be completed and ready for customer approval within 7-14 working days. Erin was more than pleased, to say the least, with the outcome of the drawing. Here’s the finished drawing…

Captain Jacks Drawing Grandfather and Grandchild

Erin ended her review by saying…

thanks to captain jacks drawings we now have a picture my mum will cherish forever ”.

Satisfaction of Completion

It’s a great honour for us to complete commissions like this for our customers because of the genuine appreciation we receive. The satisfaction we get from completing them is difficult to describe and we feel honoured to have the trust placed in us to create such personal gifts that will be kept for a lifetime. As artists, this is the best job in the world and we wouldn’t want to do anything else. Many thanks to Erin for letting us create this black and white portrait from her photos!

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