How to Clean Air Ducts in your Home?

How to clean air ducts in your home?

An air duct is a pathway in HVAC systems that play an important role in delivering smooth cool or warm air to a room. It requires proper maintenance for enhancing performance levels significantly. Another thing is that it will help save money on energy bills and repair costs to a large extent.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning involves the removal of dust, contaminants, and dirt which accumulate over time. This will help enhance the indoor air quality in a home or other places effectively to ensure better results. Air ducts often get dirty that can cause health problems and allergic reactions that can affect the quality of life. Therefore, they need periodic cleaning that allows people to overcome unwanted problems. 

Signs that Indicate Air Duct Cleaning 

Some signs indicate air duct requires cleaning and one can know them from different sources for carrying out the cleaning works accordingly. Those who experience the following changes should consider cleaning the air duct pathway with special attention.

1. Building up of Mold 

Mould can grow in air conditioners and furnaces because they can develop condensation. The buildings that have a humid climate will experience this problem that results in severe health complications. 

2. Clogging in the Air Filter

Since air filter is an important component for an air duct, people should make sure that it is free from clogging. This is because clogging may restrict airflow that can result in more heat while cooling a room.

3. Increase in Heating and Cooling Costs 

The poor performance of the air duct can increase the heating and cooling costs significantly that will result in high expenses. Therefore, it is advisable to check the conditions of air ducts with attention to reducing them effectively.

4. Uneven Airflow

Air ducts sometimes emit uneven airflow due to dust and blockages that form inside the pathway. Leakage is also another reason that results in uneven airflow which can lead to several discomforts. 

How to Clean an Air Duct?

cleaning air duct

There are some tools and equipment needed before cleaning the air duct that can help to obtain the optimal results. Here are some things to follow in air duct cleaning which gives methods to enhance the functions significantly.

1. Covering supply registers

The first step in ac duct cleaning is covering supply registers using microfiber cloths or paper towels. This will help a lot to prevent the dust from going to other areas. 

2. Cleaning supply registers 

In the next step, one needs to clean the supply registers with a brush or vacuum cleaner. A person can lift the registers and clean the debris and dust that can result in major advantages.

3. Cleaning return air registers 

It is necessary to unscrew return air registers for removing the dust that has accumulated inside the piping system. On the other hand, the process requires appropriate tools for removing them with ease. 

4. Turning off the power

While carrying out ac duct cleaning works, it is imperative to turn off the power system that supplies electricity to fan and furnace. This will help access the main ducts and it becomes highly risky when a system is running. 

5. Cleaning air ducts 

One should unscrew air duct covers and grills to gain access to ducts easily. It is advisable to clean the same with proper clothes for improving the conditions. If the air ducts are very dirty then, they need soap and water for cleaning purposes.

6. Vacuum cleaning the air ducts

Air ducts need a vacuum cleaner to reach troublesome spots and corners quickly. Moreover, it will help remove mold and other unwanted particles.

7. Cleaning blower compartment and replacing the furnace filter

The majority of dust and dirt will build up around the furnace which leads to clogging. Hence, it is necessary to remove them from the blower compartment with extra precautions. After cleaning the air ducts, one should replace or cleaned is the furnace filter that can increase the lifespan.

Buying new filter make it costly, I highly suggest to look for professional AC filter cleaning service.

Why Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai Require Professional Services?


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